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Sleep Apnea Dentists in St. Peters, MO

Are you feeling unusually tired during the day? Have you been having trouble sleeping soundly throughout the night? Sleep apnea can cause a person to stop breathing or to have shallow breath throughout the night. This staggered breathing process can happen hundreds of times to sleep apnea sufferers during a typical night's slumber. Spencer Creek Dental Care offers sleep apnea treatment to help patients sleep through the night.

Sleep Apnea Treatments
Many sleep apnea sufferers aren't even the first to realize that they suffer from the disorder. More often, family members or sleep partners notice irregular breathing patterns of their afflicted loved ones during the night. Sleep apnea occurs when there are repeated episodes of partial or complete blockage to the upper airway.

Sleep Apnea Treatments St Peters MO

In turn, these episodes force the chest and diaphragm muscles to work harder to keep the airway unobstructed and to move air into the lungs. The end result is comprised of loud gasps, snorting, or snoring. Sleep apnea can also result in irregular heart rhythms and can reduce oxygen flow to vital organs. 

Symptoms to Know
These warning symptoms can alert you of sleep apnea.

Symptoms include:

   Night Sweats
  Fatigue during the Day
  Restlessness at Night

  Awakening Suddenly While Choking or Gasping
  Feeling Sleepy or Sluggish and More

We offer sleep apnea treatment in St. Peters! Call our dental office to learn more today.
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